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Carl Thiel Composes Big Themes for Small Town Heroes in ‘Lazer Team 2’

"Just like the first installment, the sequel is over-the-top and goofy, but Thiel provides a heroic soundscape for our put-upon dimwits. Facing inter-dimensional travel, bigger action, grander adventure (and Lazers!), the team are promoted from hometown joes to galactic heroes." (Full interview here)

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The Teller And The Truth Soundtrack Review

"The Teller And The Truth is such a strong effort from Carl Thiel that it’s worth experiencing in all its glory. The score is so well executed and grabs you for the entirety of the story as it tries desperately to give structure to the choppy narrative of this faux documentary." (full review here)

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Composer Carl Thiel Delves Into Docu-drama and TV Music

"The themes in the opening credits really drew me in, and I love it when you listen to music and can’t tell who composed the music. It felt so fresh, and compelling, and really followed the dichotomy of the story." (full interview here)

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From Dusk Till Dawn: Season 3 Soundtrack Review

Carl Thiel has given From Dusk Till Dawn a fantastic new identity in the three seasons the show has been on the air. While the future of the series is still uncertain, at least we have some supremely entertaining gothic horror scoring with a western twist that will live on. (full review here)